Implementing the Super Mario Effect in Software Development Journey!

Don’t fear failure, but instead, consider it as an opportunity to learn and improve!

My son and I came across a TEDx talk by Mark Rober, who is a well-known YouTuber in the Science and Innovation genre. During his talk, he introduced the Super Mario effect, which showcases the idea of having your mind set on the end goal rather than focusing on the little failures throughout the process. I realized that this is also true for most of our software innovation journeys.

Fear of Failure:

The key is to never give up, learn, move forward, and continue this process until the end goal is accomplished. It’s easy for us to think this way when it comes to video games, but in real business challenges, it gets difficult for us to manage. Different factors like the individuals’ perspectives, the working environments, and the actual fear of failing decrease the ability to learn from mistakes; therefore, achieving less and giving up sooner.

Learning Techniques:

The trick to continuous learning and guaranteed success is finding the right way to frame the mindset.

  • Learning process: The focus should always be the end goal.
  • Attitude: Learning from failures and planning for better instead of being upset and stuck.
  • Creative thinking: Test vs GAME, Words vs Buttons, Tasks vs Actions, etc.

The art of teaching science has been delivered poorly or often narrated in a negative manner.

It is important to use creative ideas to trick the user into learning the material.

This will help to divert the attention from the fear of failure then learning comes naturally.

While developing software, it’s crucial to introduce frequent feedback mechanisms and check the potential failure points, otherwise it is impossible to know whether it will be the best solution for the market. The most efficient and proactive solution will only be developed after failing and making improvements throughout the process.

From the beginning of our innovation journey at CSCS, we have adopted the FAIL FAST, LEARN FAST, NO FEAR approach. It was exciting to see that we share a similar attitude with Mark Rober, such a popular and passionate engineer.

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