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Supply Chain Specialists

About Us

CSCS is a group of Supply Chain Specialists.

Team of SMEs led by seasoned technology executives and supply chain specialists who furnish end-to-end solutions using their many years of industry experience, with a core focus on seamless System Integration, Implementation, Product Development, and Real-Time Support.

Strategic Planning, Effective Decisions, leads to real results. With Cloud Supply Chain Solutions, we combine a process-driven approach with action to deliver measurable Business Value and improve Operational Efficiency in all aspects of Supply Chain.

Mansoor Khan – Founder & CEO

Industries we serve...

Our experience traverses each industry and challenge, giving us a novel perspective that we bring to each client relationship. We aim at developing a close-knit environment that values respectability, morals, and accomplishment.

Supply Chain Specialists
Supply Chain Specialists
CSCS plays a vital role in helping customers select the right E-commerce platform and effectively implement the OMS with optimized WMS integration.
CSCS improves inventory visibility and optimizes the transportation network, reducing cost and timely delivery of goods to customers.
CSCS enables Optimized Inbound, Outbound and Dispatch operations. Operations Research based Order Consolidations, AI-ML based configuration parameter adjustments.
CSCS utilizes IoT based solutions that enable visibility in various aspects of manufacturing.

Services we provide

We marry business process, technology and company culture to develop strategies and plans so that customers’ can implement optimized supply chain operations and solutions. Be it a new Product evaluation or Prototyping, be it an implementation or rollout, CSCS got all covered. Additionally, CSCS Team, our supply chain specialists and experts works extensively on all forms of System Integration, maintenance and 24x7 Production Support.

Center of Excellence

Proactive Supply Chain Decision

Predictive analysis, Demand forecasting, and Proactive Decision-Making are the keys to success for modern supply chain challenges and services. CSCS’ research-led solutions will enable users to construct data-backed scientific decisions at crunch moments instead of depending on hunches or opinions. Our Supply Chain Specialists will help you, contact us now!

Key Industry Partners

Our supply chain specialists make the Supply Chain journey easy for our customers.

Innovative Cloud based Solutions crafted for all Supply Chain challenges and aimed to fulfill customers' demands in the most timely manner.


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