What is a good Business Idea?

We often think that “an opportunity or a problem and a solution to the problem as a good Business Idea”, but most of the cases, on the ground reality that’s not necessarily true.

In other words, anyone can come up with a problem and possibly a solution to it in few minutes. But it doesn’t make that as a good Business Idea.

What investors look for is “a Hypothesis which is proven and guarantee that it can grow and will continue to work even when it scales”

For Example: If you have an idea that results in X% of saving for verticals of companies ABC and proven that it worked for 2 companies, then there are 20 more such companies who are interested in on boarding the solution in the next few months or so, then it will be an attractive business preposition for the investors.

So, the key is “Hypothesis –> Proof to showcase its working -> Scope for Scale”