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CSCS has a team of experienced subject matter experts who are professionals with experience in various Supply chain management systems. Our experts provide complete 360-degree implementation services for your in-house or third-party supply chain management software.

CSCS Managed Services

Warehouse Management System Implementation & Consultation

Cloud Supply Chain Solutions help organizations optimize fulfillment strategies including Inventory reservation-based rules that allow users to automatically prioritize channels, surpluses, consumers, segments, product item levels, and channels to enable order sourcing across the entire inventory network, including distribution facilities and stores.

Our SMEs have hands on experience and expertise on various WMS software such as Manhattan Associate, Infor Warehouse Management System, JDA Warehouse Management System (Blue Yonder WMS)

  • Vendor Evaluation – Solution Identifications
  • Configuration Management
  • Optimization- Routing, Wave, Labor, Consolidation, Inventory, Slotting
  • Consolidation Study, Dispatch, PrivateFleet, Rail, Ocean, International Enablement
  • Extensions- Design, Develop, Test
  • Different WMS platforms expertise

Transport Management System Implementation & Consultation

The CSCS Team enables and extracts all the optimal features from leading transportation management systems, such as Manhattan TMS, Oracle TMS, or JDA, and helps customers in Optimal Procurement Management for Carrier Contracts.

Also from a Planning perspective, SMEs enable the right configurations supported by customized data sets resulting in the best Order Consolidation and Shipment Planning process, along with scientific Carrier Selection. This planning process is crucial in creating the most efficient transportation management services.

  • Base data setup including Size UOMs, Consolidation regions, Zones, Path sets.
  • Consolidator 4.0 and fleet engines configuration and execution.
  • Execution of various TMS engine scenario based on different engine parameter configurations.
  • Resource selection set and execution.
  • Freight, audit and Pay.
  • Transportation modelling using Cons 4.0 and fleet engines.
  • Appointment Scheduling and EDI.
  • Vendor visibility enablement.
Hire expert SMEs offshore or onshore.

Inventory Optimization & Demand Forecasting

Inventory optimization’s primary objective is to guarantee that appropriate inventory is accessible in the correct quantity, in the right location, at the right time, and at the right price. Depending on the type of products or services involved, the product life cycle, and the industry being served, demand and supply chain forecasting can be done in a variety of methods

  • Comprehensive tracking of labor activities using MA LM tool.
  • Provide planning estimates, labor activity, labor forecasting, labor allocation scheduling and performance analysis using LM.
  • Interface with workload management so LM can calculate various performance standards and performance data for individual worker.
  • Configure Labor facility parameters , servers and engines.

Supply Chain Intelligence

CSCS experts assure informed decision making, accurate business decisions and tons of effective data extracts.

  • Configure reports in SCI.
  • Generate scenario-based reports across all Manhattan products suites.
  • Develop data models for SCI tool.