Helping Society

Empowering People

Promoting diversity and inclusion

Embracing our unique backgrounds as we work together towards success, Stronger Together calls for a Brighter Future.

We place value in ensuring that diverse voices are heard and valued. By celebrating our differences and creating an environment where all perspectives are welcome, we cultivate innovation, creativity, and mutual respect

Minority Certification

Exciting times at CSCS! We have been officially designated as a Minority Certified Business, (MCB) by the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council (GMSDC).

Not only is CSCS 100% minority-owned, but our workforce is also very diverse, including about 50% female representation!

We have entered a pool of highly qualified MCB companies to explore endless opportunities. CSCS is poised and ready to offer the industry our innovative, customized, and optimized solutions and services!

Creating prosperity

Our Executive Team has made multiple trips and continues to travel to Southern Tamil Nadu, India, to evaluate small groups from an under-utilized, yet very impressive, pool of young talents. The turnouts are far beyond our expectations and many join our team every visit as we are overjoyed by the vast level of skill and intellect displayed by the applicants.
"I am overwhelmed to see the abundance of talent and their excitement towards learning and taking the next step in their career with CSCS. Generally, many focus on the big cities but often ignore the great treasures hidden in such deeper places. I am super thrilled and emotionally moved by the chance to explore and meet 800+ college students from various representations!"
Mansoor Khan
CEO & Founder