The future of Domestic and International shipping demands more than just the conventional software solutions. Our modern AI-powered Shipplan.AI surpasses the competition, in addressing the ever-evolving supply chain challenges, by setting a new standard for excellence in the industry with realistic solutions, through cutting edge advanced technologies.

Intelligent Approach To Streamline Shipping Operations

  • AI-Powered Order Consolidation

    Harness the power of mathematical and advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and group orders intelligently

  • Route Optimization

    Intelligent route planning capabilities to optimize the entire supply chain, considering factors like delivery schedules, infeasibility, traffic, fuel efficiency and carbon footprint

  • Real-Time Tracking

    IoT-based tracking and monitoring of trucks and shipments to provide real-time visibility to shippers, vendors and carriers

  • Continuous Optimization & Dynamic Planning

    Real-time adjustments based on demand and capacity, encouraging shippers to fill empty cargo space and carriers to take on additional cargo

Our custom TMS solution is meticulously crafted to tackle the intricate challenges faced by both shippers and vendors with a steadfast commitment to seamless communication with carriers. Our TMS blueprint catalyzes innovation, providing customers with the tools to effortlessly optimize and tailor their transportation workflows without the hassle and ups and downs of the development processes. We pave the way for swift and sustainable enhancements, enabling businesses to stay agile and responsive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Unlocking Logistics Potentials, Amplifying Results

Features we offer but not limited to:

  • Purchase Order

  • Vendors

  • ASN

  • Orders

  • Shipments

  • Rating Engine

  • Shipper Carrier Communication

  • Carrier Selection


CAM is the ultimate asset management app designed to streamline your asset management. With real-time asset tracking, customizable geo-fencing, insightful reports, and secure document management, CAM simplifies your operations, enhances security, and helps you make informed decisions.

Achieve comprehensive end-to-end transparency and visibility across various facets of your operations. Attain complete mastery over your asset’s historical data, property geo-fencing, asset utilization metrics, and seamless access to all project-related files and documents.

The Asset Management software that includes Project Management!

  • Efficiency

    Streamline asset management processes.

  • Security

    Prevent theft and unauthorized access.

  • Data-Driven Decisions

    Optimize asset utilization and reduce costs.

  • Compliance

    Stay organized and compliant with ease.

  • Cost Savings

    Maximize asset lifespan and reduce maintenance expenses.


Effortlessly streamline complexity with our advanced solution, Harmony, where technology seamlessly converges with operational efficiency.

CSCS’s Harmony platform serves as a universal agent, enabling seamless communication and data exchange among diverse supply chain applications. This ensures end-to-end visibility and complete traceability for vendors, carriers, and shippers, elevating the SCM operations to the next level of sophistication and efficiency.

Enabling Supply Chain eco-system
  • Workflow orchestration for optimizing shipper, carrier, and vendor communication.

  • Robust API management for seamless integration and data exchange.

  • Real-time visibility to track and manage transactions as they happen.

  • Self Data healing and automated process.

  • AI-ML-driven decision-making, empowering data-driven insights.

  • Alerts and notifications to proactively address critical events.

Connectivity & adaptation
Data Transformation & Translation
Data management
Design & Development environment
Scalability & Compatibility
Pre-built and custom connectors
Bulk data processing
Dashboard and reporting tools

A smart dispatch solution enables businesses to efficiently manage shipment assignments to drivers and third-party service providers (OSPs), ensuring timely delivery while minimizing delays and errors.

  • Auto Driver Assignment based on Preferences

    By leveraging dispatch rules and predefined preferences, the system automates the assignment of drivers to shipments. Factors such as driver availability, skill sets, vehicle capacity, and geographic proximity are taken into account to optimize resource allocation and enhance operational efficiency.

  • Auto OSP Assignment for Optimal Efficiency

    Similarly, the solution automates the assignment of OSPs based on predetermined preferences and dispatch rules. This ensures that shipments are allocated to the most suitable OSPs, considering factors like cost, capacity, and service level agreements.

  • Dynamic Route Optimization

    Real-time route optimization is a hallmark feature of a smart dispatch solution. By continuously analyzing changing orders and delivery priorities, the system adapts routes on the fly to maximize efficiency.

  • IoT Integration and GPS Tracking

    Integrating IoT devices and GPS tracking capabilities provides real-time visibility into shipments and assets. By monitoring the location, status, and condition of goods throughout the supply chain, businesses can proactively address issues, enhance security, and provide customers with accurate delivery updates.

  • Flexible Payment Criteria

    A smart dispatch solution offers flexibility in defining payment criteria, allowing businesses to tailor compensation based on specific parameters such as piece count, trip completion, or non-pallet deliveries.

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